Battery Design & Manufacturing

WorldEx is a leading designer, integrator and manufacturer of battery packs. We assist our customers in designing electronic products that are smaller, lighter, longer running, and more dependable. WorldEx develops and delivers complete power solutions that dramatically improve the competitive position of your products.

At the forefront of the battery industry, WorldEx offers the latest in both battery and plastics welding technologies. With our packs, we offer the ability to label, shrink wrap, custom terminate or enclose in plastic. We are a full service battery assembler with full design capabilities. We specialize in configurations requiring custom enclosures, termination and circuit protection.

Whether you need sealed lead, NiCd, NiMH, Lithium or Alkaline we can make a battery pack to suit your needs. We will work with your engineers to select the best cell for the application, choose the correct charge regime and make sure the end product meets or exceeds your size, weight and runtime expectations. Our CAD capabilities allow us to provide you with a detailed drawing of your battery pack before you commit to a design. We can provide you with sample packs to make sure your battery performs as required. Once your design is finalized WorldEx will work with your purchasing and logistics departments to forecast your requirements and set up buffer stock so you will get the power you need, when you need it.

Our electronic circuit design team creates the optimal design and layout of battery management circuitry. This includes Lithium Ion safety protection, fuel gauging, and cell balancing for optimal battery pack performance. With complete in-house electronic circuit assembly, we can quickly get even the most complex designs from prototyping to production, significantly reducing your time to market.

Our extensive experience in plastic housings, interconnects, and electronic circuitry give us a tremendous competitive advantage over battery assemblers who outsource many of the key processes required to build a state-of-the-art portable power source.

Our team has experience designing battery enclosures of all types and can help you create one that will enhance the functional design of the product while assuring that the battery passes stringent shock, vibration, and environmental testing required to certify the pack for shipping.

Our battery packs can be found in thousands of products around the world, products produced by the world’s leading corporations which include handheld power tools, wireless communication devices, tracking devices, data loggers, video scopes, night vision cameras, personal alarms and ruggedized computers to name a few.

As one of the largest battery pack designers and manufacturers, we maintain close relationships with nearly all of the major battery cell manufacturers. The strength of those relationships allows us to ensure the supply of virtually any battery chemistry, size, and technology to fit your requirements.